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The Social Justice Toolbox is a resource hub for free, curated, ready-to-rock social justice activities and facilitation guides designed to help you make the most of your diversity workshops and social justice trainings.

No more up a creek without a paddle curriculum building. No sign in. No restricted use.

Connecting good people to good work.

Perhaps you know what it’s like to spend hours looking for the right activity for your diversity training or social justice workshop. Crying to come up with creative ways to engage your audience knowing how important this training is. You know these types of conversations and learning opportunities are far too scarce. And you want it to have an impact, to do it right, or at least right as it can be.

Not sure where to start, you google around, looking for some tools, some help, something worthy of the importance of the moment (no pressure).

That’s where we come in.



Our guides were contributed by social justice facilitators looking to help you every step of the way.

From finding the right activity — our activity finder helps you refine your search so you can find what you really need. Spend more time making the activity work for you.

To considering the whole experience — our guides are full bodied, detailed, and walk you through things to consider before, during, and after the activity.


Articles & Posts

Becoming the best facilitator you can be.

Finding the activity is only half the battle, knowing what to do with it, how to build a curriculum or training agenda, and how to navigate that front-of-room live-and-in-person facilitator moments is another.

Our articles help you learn more about those facilitator foundations while integrating that every-important self work.

Sharing, connecting, & evolving the good work

The Social Justice Toolbox is about sharing, connecting, and evolving the good work that so many of us are already doing every day. This project aims to lessen the amount of times we are all recreating the wheel and give us an opportunity to connect good people to good work.

Built by two social justice kids who wanted to bring their passions to the world (& the interwebs). Learn more about Meg and Danny here!

Recently published Articles & Posts

  • Top 5 Trans* Ally Principles

    Recently, Meg did a training with a school on trans* issues and in preparation for that training, she and her wonderful co-faciltator Perry Cohen of the Venture Out Project developed a handout of “Top 5 Trans* Ally Principles.” While they can guarantee that when presented in person these ideas are much more dynamic than the… Read more »

  • DSC_0169_1000w

    Including Pronouns in Introductions: 3 Strategies for Groups!

    In the last few months pronouns (them pesky little she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs etc. words that often times indicate gender) have popped up into my discussions more and more. People wanting to be more trans* inclusive and affirming, specifically for non-binary folks, folks who use they/them/theirs, and folks who are continuously misread in terms of gender… Read more »

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    Still in the works!

    Hi! We’re under construction right now, so the website is a little more limited in scope and depth then it will be in the near future.  Feel free to use what you find AND be on the lookout for more updates soon! Stay tuned! ~Megs